Kate Greenberg

Incidents and Accidents

Incidents and Accidents
Visual Arts Gallery
June 11-26, 2010

Incidents and Accidents is an exhibition of recent photographic works and video pieces by four artists, William Lamson, Marjolijn Dijkman, Kate Hutchison, and Gideon Barnett, who create works based on ephemeral interventions, objects, and their configurations. The subject matter centers on objects and situations that have been photographed outdoors in urban or natural environments, and that tread a line between contingency and intentionality. The configurations of mundane everyday objects are central to the works and, although the images focus on discarded materials, they are transformed into something lyrical and playful. Intervention, in this context, refers to the human interaction and arrangement of specific objects either intentionally or accidentally. In some cases the artist plays an active role in setting the scene, arranging objects and creating situations for the camera. In other cases the artist acts as a witness, documenting encounters with objects that strangers have arranged or left behind by chance.

The dialog between these two types of photographic methods—happening upon scenes versus constructing them—is central to the exhibition and refers back to themes that have shaped the medium’s own history. Influenced and inspired by the work of Gabriel Orozco and Richard Wentworth and investigating the juxtapositions between directorial modes and documentary styles of photography, Incidents and Accidents serves to create a forum for the viewer to examine and perhaps question the fundamental ambiguity in these photographs.

All four of these artists focus their lenses on everyday objects seen in unusual situations, resulting in uncanny depictions of the familiar. William Lamson’s photographs and videos of interventions rely on improvisation with everyday objects and are arranged in playful situations for the camera. Marjolijn Dijkman’s photographs are part of an archive that centers on human interaction with objects and traces of human interventions in urban centers around the world. Kate Hutchinson creates photographs of domestic objects she has arranged in unfamiliar situations and unusual locations. Gideon Barnett photographs his accidental encounters with industrial and commercial objects in unusual arrangements throughout the United States.

For the exhibition I will present photographic works by all of the artists along with a small selection of short video pieces by William Lamson and a digital component by Marjolijn Dijkman. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog, of the same title, that will feature an introductory essay, interviews with each artist, and their images.

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